Minnetonka Learning Center

Preschool and Daycare

Trish Goodwyne
Pre-K Teacher, Owner & Director

Life and learning are so exciting for young children!   Their inquisitive nature, imaginations and eagerness to participate and share experiences are what drew me to this profession and age group.  After receiving my B.A. Teaching degree from Bemidji State University and working for the Walt Disney Company, I returned to Minnesota to teach at a local preschool.  It was at this time that I realized my niche resided with pre-k aged children.   Being a pre-k teacher, as I have been for the past 27 years, has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my career.

Group times are one of my favorite times during the day: it is filled with music, movement, sign language, stories, creative thinking, games and learning activities.  Each season, to share and celebrate in the music, movement and concepts that have been learned, each student receives a CD of group time songs to enjoy and perform at home or in the car!  This has been a fun addition to the pre-k curriculum enabling parents to take part in their child's learning.

I have resided in the Minnetonka area most of my life and now live nearby in Shorewood with my husband, Jeff.  Along with teaching and directing MLC, I enjoy camping, hiking, running, biking, and traveling.

Staff Profiles

Janet Matko
Preschool Teacher

25 years ago, I graduated with a B.A. Teaching Degree, pre-k through 6th grade, from St. Catherine's University.  Since then, I have had the joy of teaching young children in a preschool environment, both in San Diego and for the past 17 years, here at MLC.

As a preschool teacher, one of my favorite questions I get from a child is "Why…".  Children are naturally curious, inquisitive and full of wonder about the world around them, and it is my privilege as a teacher to be able to lead young children in their many new discoveries and learning experiences throughout each day.

I enjoy working on art projects, decorating, cooking, baking  and music - all of which I incorporate in my classroom and teaching.  Parents are never short of fun art projects to display at home!

Lucy Starr

Having always been drawn to the company and world of children, I was naturally inclined to pursue a career in the field of education.  In both private and public schools I have worked as a reading and speech assistant, resource librarian, classroom tutor, as well as a special education aide.  I have volunteered in our districts' science center, art masterpiece program, school theatre productions and developed and presented environmental and humane education programs before the school board and in the elementary schools.

At MLC, I introduce children to the great world of children's literature and poetry, the dramatic play and imagination costumed in my classroom dress-up trunk and the design and creative possibilities when provided with artistic materials and supplies.  We listen and move to music from Bach to the Beatles, play board games from Candyland to Chess and out our doors, explore and seek the wonders and lessons found in the sphere and society of Nature's province and domain.

I believe children need to learn to be responsible, honest, resourceful and respectful of all life.  Simply weaving these principles through careful guidance, "teachable moments" and daily activities with my students, I am in turn inspired and instructed by the candid and insightful tutelage of my 4 and 5 year old students.