Minnetonka Learning Center

Preschool and Daycare


MLC has offered a preschool program and childcare

for more than 25 years!

MLC Classes

Preschool Class* - 33 months to 4 years
   *Please note that children are required to be toilet-trained

Pre-K Class - 4 to 5 years old - those age-eligible for Kindergarten the following school year

At Minnetonka Learning Center we recognize that each child is a unique individual.  Our early childhood program offers the opportunity to grow and learn while providing a comfortable and secure environment.  The Preschool and Pre-K curricula prepare children for Kindergarten; through caring and guidance, each child is encouraged to progress socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically.  We strive to make each child’s experience a positive and successful one.  It is the goal of our staff to meet and exceed your expectations.

Early childhood classrooms can be very busy places at times.  With our small class sizes, it is our goal to provide a preschool environment in which children feel safe and 'at home', have plenty of opportunities to be heard and are exposed to new and rewarding experiences.  Through daily interactions with peers and teachers, the children learn to communicate more effectively, recognize and express their feelings as well as to recognize and respond to the feelings of others.  By placing an emphasis on social and emotional development, our objective is for all students to gain confidence in themselves and their ability to solve problems.

MLC's curriculum prepares children for Kindergarten.  Monthly topics and developmental skills provide children with a wide variety of subjects and opportunities to expand their curiosity and explore their world. Through guidance and encouragement, the children develop their potential and newly acquired skills.  Teachers also provide leeway to discover and expand on spontaneous subjects that arise due to children's experiences, interests, places of travel and events.

Use of Digital Media

At MLC, we believe that the environment in which young children thrive is one that promotes a growing attention span during group activities, stories, social interactions and both independent and group play.  It is for this reason that the children's exposure to digital media is very minimal.  With the exception of staff using computers for administrative purposes and curriculum planning, the only digital media that the children are directly exposed to is on occasion when iPads are used to show information or video to enhance a topic being discussed in class.  A recent example… during a unit on birds, a video of hatching baby bald eagles was watched.    

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Curriculum Overview