Minnetonka Learning Center

Preschool and Daycare

Preschool Curriculum

MLC's Preschool curriculum caters to the three year-olds natural wonder and excitement about the world around them.  It fosters their eagerness to learn, try new things and their desire to start forming friendships.  With a strong focus on social and emotional skills, the children develop their ability to communicate, to positively express themselves and to respond to minor conflicts.  Through engaging, hands-on learning experiences play and interactions, the children have many opportunities to practice their developing skills.  It is our goal to encourage positive life skills such as manners, friendships, making good choices, compassion and responsibility.  In our preschool program, we strive to promote a foundation for a life-long love of learning! 

Social and Emotional Development

  • several group times are provided throughout the day where the children can practice listening, talking with others and sharing stories, experiences or information
  • modeling positive interactions with others and use of peaceful solutions to conflicts
  • emotions and feelings are discussed and named using real-life situations, use of picture cards, posters, books and flannel stories
  • turn-taking, sharing and working together are taught with the use of materials and through games and activities
  • modeling and role-playing appropriate responses and ways to express feelings

Cognitive, math and Reasoning

  • counting various items throughout the day and putting numbers to use - i.e. - "Put 4 blocks on the table."
  • daily calendar use for counting days and seeing numbers in order
  • learning and naming colors seen in the environment
  • identifying numbers 0-9
  • counting 1-10
  • sorting objects by attributes: color, shape, size
  • shape identification
  • comparing and measuring items
  • beginning to recognize, copy and continue patterns
  • increasing frequency of 'What if' and 'Why do you think….' questions
  • matching games and activities
  • active participation with flannel board stories based on sorting, matching, sequencing concepts
  • using all 5 senses to learn about the world and environment

Literacy and Language Development

  • reading books throughout the day, giving opportunities to answer questions, predict outcomes and to retell familiar stories
  • beginning letter recognition (particularly those  used in the child's first name), letter sounds and the introduction of tracing/writing letters
  • expanding vocabulary
  • repeating familiar songs, poems, rhymes to foster memorization skills
  • art projects based on current books being read
  • identifying letters, and their sound, in the environment
  • using rhymes to hear similar word endings and letter sounds
  • reading readiness skills such as left to right reading progression
  • using scribbles, shapes or pictures to represent or tell a story in the child's own words

Physical - Large and Small Motor Development

  • music and movement activities including hopping and jumping
  • throwing, catching and kicking a ball
  • dancing and coordination
  • instrument play
  • playing group activity games
  • parachute play, tumbling mat
  • introduction to copying/writing letters in first name
  • cutting/snipping with scissors
  • introduction to proper pencil/crayon grip
  • providing experiences with various art media: paintbrushes, glue sticks, stickers, sponges, etc.
  • manipulating play dough
  • beginning to trace simple shapes, letters, numbers